Adaptive learning

Introducing the newest educational experience from the creators of The Difficult Airway Course. Airway Manager™ on the NEJM Knowledge+ platform brings world class airway education to you – on your laptop, phone or tablet-utilizing the latest adaptive learning technology.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning utilizes smart technology that actually adapts to your learning goals, pace, and gaps in your knowledge. It delivers the information you need to know in research-proven, focused methods that continually sharpen your skills, accelerate proficiency, and promote true life-long learning.

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NEJM Knowledge+

The NEJM Knowledge+ platform employs the very latest adaptive learning technologies to increase learning efficiency and knowledge retention for medical professionals preparing for exams or seeking continuing medical education. All on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone!

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Airway Manager™

Airway Manager™ on the NEJM Knowledge+ platform combines gold-standard airway management educational content with the most efficient, engaging, and effective way to master and retain knowledge, stay current in this ever-changing field and earn continuing education credits.

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