I used what I learned on my very next shift.

Our offerings are leading edge, rigorous and proven. This unique combination of critical attributes has resulted in our programs being widely-respected and considered the “gold standard” in airway management education.

There were no egos. They really cared and wanted us to learn.

This sums up our approach perfectly. The airway experts we call faculty share an unparalleled passion for teaching – a passion that is inspired by a genuine affinity for their colleagues and an intrinsic drive to help others.

Best CME I ever attended. I would have paid twice as much for this course!

Most people sign up for a course because they’ve heard great things about it from colleagues. Others sign up because it offers exactly what they need at the moment. Regardless of why they come to us, they leave happy because they know that the time away from their families and patients was well spent.

Our Value Proposition

Leading Edge

AMEC course directors and faculty members are leaders in both clinical practice and research related to airway management. This means our offerings benefit from a continuous infusion of scientific advancements and breaking news in the field. We incorporate advancements often long before many practitioners even hear of them.


AMEC’s 50-member faculty comprises airway experts from a diversity of specialties. This means our courses benefit from the rigor of multiple perspectives. Our course participants learn the very best practices from the entire field of airway management. This broad base of evidence, experience and inspiration results in curriculum and programs with unmatched depth, veracity and value.


AMEC is committed to evidence-based education. This means our course participants can rest assured that they are on solid ground when practicing the airway management we teach. Our approach to airway management, which focuses on assessment and decision-making, was crafted out of the best scientific evidence and is continuously fine-tuned by scientific advancements and the collective experiences of our expert faculty.

The Secret To Our (and Your) Success

Our faculty. The most important ingredient in this recipe for airway success. When you come to our courses, you’ll find that there are no egos in the room – only people who truly care about you and your goals. Our expert faculty freely share their most “vulnerable” airway moments so you can avoid them. They take the time to work with participants long after sessions are over to make sure everyone really gets it. They demystify airway management to build confidence and challenge the most skilled participants to be even better. So, whether you come to us after a particularly difficult airway situation or to stay on top of your airway game, you’ll find a dedicated and empathetic faculty that works hard for your success.