This multi-specialty program will help providers in all specialties and practice levels stay current in the ever-evolving airway management environment. Enjoy airway talks, procedural demonstrations and more featuring our expert faculty….all on your schedule on an intuitive and convenient learning platform.

Coming February 2021!

Foundations of Difficult & Failed Airway Management

  • Difficult Airway Assessment
  • Anatomically & Physiologically Difficult Airways
  • Pediatraics
  • Failed Airway
  • RSI & RSI Pharmacology
  • Awake Intubation

Critical Lessons & Demonstrations

Critical Lessons & Discussion

  • Pharmacology
  • Algorithms
  • Detection of the Anatomically Difficult Airway
  • Awake Intubation & Flexible Endoscopy
  • Extubation & ETT Tube Exchange
  • Crisis Resource Management/Human Factors22

Demonstrations & Discussion

  • Bag Mask Ventilation (BMV)
  • Extraglottic Devices (EGD)
  • Laryngoscopy: Direct and Video
  • Tips & Tricks for Routine Techniques
  • Surgical Airway
  • Topicalization & Awake Intubation
  • Airway Exchange Catheters (AEC)

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Program Support

Course Tuition

<strong>Regular Tuition:</strong> $300

<strong>Gold Tuition:</strong> $200

<strong>Bronze Tuition:</strong> $100

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Next Steps


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