“This is hands down the best CME event I’ve done in my 35 years as an anesthesiologist. Keep up the splendid work!”

Michael Sopchak, MD

“This course was excellent. A must for all anesthesiologists. The faculty was exceptional.”

Richard T. Warner, MD

This was my third time in 10 years attending the course. I learn something new each time!

Thomas M. Toal, MD
Ithaca, NY

“Outstanding! Time and money very well spent. Knowledgeable and entertaining faculty.”

Susan Cambria, CRNA

“Excellent course. I highly recommend it to all anesthesiologists. Anesthesia residents should take this course before graduating. Excellent faculty.”

Albert Chuang, MD

“This is singularly the best CME course I have been to in my 25 years in practice! I believe this should become the ACLS for Airway and a requirement for all anesthesia residents to graduate their training program. Thank you!!”

Jill A. Antoine, MD

“This course provides an excellent systematic approach to evaluating different airways. It is a great help to my practice.”

Jerome Aul, MD

“I hoped this was going to be the really top airway course out there — it was! Thanks.”

Vincent Martinez, CRNA, MS